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How to Marinate Steak With Worcestershire Sauce?

barbecue T Bone steak close upSteak is one of America’s favorite types of meat to consume when grilling out doors or for special occasions. People who enjoy eating steak prepare their meat in a number of different ways. They can fry it, broil it, grill it and some people even bake their prime sirloin cuts. Regardless of the method that is used to cook a steak, a good Worcestershire sauce is capable of improving the taste and flavor of the meat.

Step 1

Pour ¾ cups of Worcestershire sauce into a bowl and make sure that it is big enough to contain the cut pieces of meat.

Step 2

Cooks should trim as much fat as they can from the steak that they’re going to be serving. Leaner cuts of meat are able to absorb the marinating sauce.

Step 3

Take the cut pieces of meat and place them inside of the Worcestershire marinade. Then cover the meat and marinade before placing into the refrigerator. The amount of time that the meat marinates will vary but cooks should allow the meat to set for at least 4 hours. As a rule of thumb, the longer that a piece of meat marinates the more flavor that it will absorb from the sauce. Cooks who can prepare their Worcestershire marinade ahead of time will probably have the best results.

Step 4

After the meat marinates it should be taken out of the sauce right before being cooked. In some instances the meat might drip with sauce and if it does then the extra moisture can be absorbed with paper towels.

Chefs who prepare a Worcestershire marinade can also add some different ingredients to change the flavor of their marinade. Normally, Worcestershire contains vinegar, molasses and sugar as its main ingredients and other spices and herbs such as garlic, onion, clovers, salt and chili is added as well. Keep in mind that all Worcestershire brands are not the same so cooks will have to try different varieties in order to determine which one they like best.

Chefs who prepare a Worcestershire marinade can also add some different ingredients to change the flavor of their marinade. Other flavors that can be added to a Worcestershire marinade include lime, pineapple, cumin, powdered mustard and spices from distinct locations such as the Caribbean, the Far East and the Middle East. Each of these ingredients can drastically change the flavor of Worcestershire marinade and cooks will have to experiment to find the best tasting results.

Chefs can also use a large sized sandwich bag to contain the marinade after it’s prepared. Cooks can place the pieces of meat into the marinade and allow it to set for some time or they can slowly turn the bag for about 5 to 10 minutes before removing the meat. Once the meat is removed from the bag it should be immediately cooked in order to retain its flavor.

The marinade that is used to create the steak should be immediately discarded after all of the meat has been prepared. Raw meat has bacteria and once the meat contaminates the marinade it should be discarded after the meat is cooked. Chefs should also make enough Worcestershire marinade to cover all of the meat. The key to making a good marinade is finding the kind that tastes the best.

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